Official Announcement for Admission to the Final Stage of 1/2 July 2023

The Artistic Direction of Massimo Urbani International Award is pleased to announce the names of the musicians who qualified for edition 2023 final stage which will take place on 1st and 2nd of July in Camerino (MC).

  • Califano Federico, alto sax
  • Cimino Edoardo, guitar
  • Donato Edoardo, alto sax
  • Ferri Gianmarco, guitar
  • Gasparro Vitantonio, vibraphone
  • Martinelli Andrea Margherita, voice
  • Palmieri Perla, voice
  • Senderov Igor, alto sax
  • Simoni Lorenzo, alto sax
  • Ullstein Marco, vibraphone*

*recipient of Nuoro Jazz Scholarship.